Bridal Pampering Packages

Prepare to indulge your bridal party (of up to 5 members) with our luxurious offerings, crafted just for your momentous occasion. Our array of packages and customizable extras are carefully curated to cater to your specific desires, ensuring a day of ultimate relaxation and togetherness. Schedule a free Bridal Consultation to plan your Bridal Pampering Experience!

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Our pampering packages are designed to add an extra touch of luxury and relaxation to your wedding preparations. Please note the following terms to ensure an exceptional experience:

Individual Packages: Our pampering packages are crafted for one person (not shared). This ensures that every member of the bridal party receives tailored treatment suited exactly to their needs. Each individual can choose their preferred package, allowing for a personalized experience.

Scheduling: To achieve the best possible results from our pampering services, we recommend scheduling your appointments for 2-3 weeks before the wedding date. This timing ensures that the benefits of the treatments fully materialize by the special day.

Group Servicing: Our salon can accommodate up to 3 people simultaneously for services, with space for an additional 2 individuals in our waiting area. This setup is perfect for creating a shared, yet personal, pampering experience for the bridal party.

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations with less than 48-hour notice will incur charges equivalent to the full price of the package that was selected at scheduling.

We're dedicated to making your pre-wedding preparations as smooth and enjoyable as possible, and we look forward to being a part of your journey to the aisle.